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  • Will I have to pay duty and taxes?
    Duties vary widely according to origin and destination. Please bear in mind that we have no control over the actions of Customs services anywhere in the world. It is your responsibility to ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the country that you are sending your goods to.
  • What documents do I need?
    You will need to have the original vehicle title and complete a packing list and provide a copy of the photo page of your passport. All relevant documentation must be received before your shipment is ready for transit.
  • Can I track my shipment online?
    Our computer system will automatically generate a shipping advice email which will be sent to the email address you supply us with, giving you the name of the vessel your shipment is on, the arrival date into the port, the destination agent and other important details.
  • Is marine/transit insurance included in the price?
    No, but we can offer comprehensive Shipment Protection. Our Shipment Protection is fully underwritten by carefully selected insurers at Lloyds of London.
  • Will ISS match prices from other companies?
    Where possible, we will try our best to match prices, provided that the company is a fully bonded by FMC. Non-bonded operators may provide cheaper rates, but you stand a real chance of losing money that you have already paid if the company gets into financial difficulty.
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International Shipping Service
from USA to Countries Overseas

We specialize in ocean transportation of cars, trucks, boats, buses, recreational vehicles, construction equipment and farm machinery from USA to ports and countries in Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and Latin America.