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Are you planning to travel internationally and would like to ship your vehicles to your designated point of destination?
Or perhaps you may wish to export a muscle car from somewhere in the United States to another country?

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You may be worrying over the logistics, the costs and more importantly, fretting over your vehicle’s safety and the reliability of the vehicle shipping service. In the United States alone, there are many firms that offer shipping of vehicles to international destinations, but not all can be trusted nor do they offer guarantees on their services. If shipping your vehicle is your mission, International Shipping Service promises to deliver the best results. Our expertise lies in our years of experience of successfully handling our customers vehicular shipments overseas. We go the extra mile in customer service. In terms of the procedure on how to go about this, you will have to undergo various inspections and fill out documentation before the actual delivery process takes place. While the actual delivery process may be complicated, you can trust our company to be the authority in shipping and handling highly expensive motor vehicles. Regardless of the make, model or year, it is our mission to have your vehicles delivered in pristine shape and we can even assist you in getting all your documentations done. You can be assured of a prompt and smooth relocation each and every time.


What Do we Do?

International Shipping Service specializes in shipping vehicles from any point of the United States to any point of the world.
Our team of experts transact with each customer with utmost care and professionalism.

We offer deliveries of oversized cargo such as equipment and machinery, making sure that safety standards are met and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We also offer relocation services for clients who wish to move their home or office from the United States to other countries. International Shipping Service is the ideal forwarder for car lovers who seek assurance that their beloved gems will be delivered to their designated point of destination without worrying about damage or, worse yet, getting lost. In fact, previous clients have been consistently satisfied with the services they availed at International Shipping Service because our company has earned a solid reputation of providing reliability and affordability to all our customers.

Services Offered
International Shipping Service, as our name suggests, offers quick, reliable and reasonably priced shipping of vehicles from any point in the United States to any country abroad. Our transport service covers the following:
International Car Shipping
International Truck Shipping
International RV Shipping
International Bus Shipping
International Heavy Vehicle Shipping

For our company, it doesn’t matter where the designated point of origin is. As our valued customer, if you need a vehicle to be shipped internationally, you can trust that we aim to make the process smooth and worry-free. Our customer-oriented staff of reliable experts will always be there to assist you and be your guide through the process: from documentation, to inspection, to the departure from the origin, until the vehicle’s arrival to your agreed end destination. We work with various partners in the United States and in other countries in order to ship vehicles properly and enable us to charge the most affordable rates possible, passing the savings onto our clients. In addition to this, our team promptly and eagerly takes care of all paperwork that is required when shipping vehicles, especially to international destinations just to make sure that you have fulfilled all necessary obligations before embarking on an international vehicle shipment. Our company, along with our partners, always strives to inform our clients of all charges required as payment before a vehicle is shipped in order to avoid confusion when logistics details are finalized.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Shipping a vehicle out of the United States may seem complicated, but International Shipping Service can help you make your vehicle shipping experience a breeze. It should be noted that there are different rates depending on the desired destination but rest assured, we make good with our promise to transport your vehicles in a timely, safe and damage-free manner. We are proud of these accomplishments and even have guarantees to ensure your vehicles’ safety and security as they are shipped each and every time. It is our commitment to you that each transaction completed will be worth every penny you spend. Our company also consistently aims to ensure that your vehicles arrive promptly and in pristine condition. It should also be noted however that you must be aware of how much the destination’s government will impose in taxes before importing a vehicle. If so, we are happy to facilitate processing of all pertinent documents and also make sure that your cars will be left undamaged and will be delivered at the agreed time and place.
In case you have no idea how much you need to spend, you can check out our SERVICES page, or for your convenience, ask for a free quote. Our professional team can give you an estimate and various options you may wish to employ to have your vehicles shipped from the United States to any part of the globe. You can also choose whether you would want to have your vehicles shipped via air shipment or sea shipment through cargo ship. Rest assured that our company, International Shipping Service, will never sacrifice the quality of our service to maintain our already most affordable rates in the industry.
International Shipping Service is the best company to employ when choosing which forwarder you will entrust with your vehicles, and your money, too. Why leave your vehicle’s welfare to chance? Given the huge investment at stake, our commitment is specifically to make sure that it arrives at the destination promptly and remain undamaged while in transit. There’s no better way to have this done. Contact us or check out our website for deals and new services. Choose International Shipping Service because we do shipping the best way possible.

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