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International Shipping Rates from USA to Europe, Africa, Latin America, Australia and Asia.

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Need an international shipping quote? International shipping can be expensive, so we offer different options for you. You can get a quick international shipping quote from our company by filling out the Shipping Quote Request form.

The international shipping price will depend on the size of your cargo and origin / destination. Normally anything that can fit inside the ocean container would be the most affordable option. Shared container option is also great since you're paying only for a part of the container. Roll-on Roll-off is used for motorized vehicles and heavy machinery, and anything else that is not reducible in size for containers. The flat-rack service is for oversized freight that is not self-propelled and requires a crane for loading. Our international shipping quote will specify exactly what's included and not, and we will provide the best option for your shipment. Our container shipping service is available worldwide just as our RO/RO and flat-rack services.


How to Save Money

Quick and easy ways to make sure you are always sending the most cost-effective shipments.
Here's a few tips to help you save on international shipping rates from USA to Overseas:

Our best tip for saving on shipping costs

1. Consider delivering your cargo to the warehouse or port yourself. The fuel prices are high and trucking companies need to make profits too, so you can reduce your total shipping cost by delivering the cargo yourself.
2. Pay attention to fees. Find out in advance which fees and surcharges are included in the quote and which ones are not included to help you avoid unexpected charges.
3. Provide accurate dimensions and weight of your vehicle or cargo. Most of the times the price is based on the size, so reducing the total volume of your shipment will reduce the price too.
4. Get help with international shipping documentation. Our company can help you with the ins and outs of international documentation - including when it's required and what information you'll need to complete it.
5. Get answers to all your questions. Our customer service representatives are available via phone, email and Skype to answer your questions or help you figure out the best shipping price for your shipment.



Take a couple of minutes to read testimonials about what our clients are saying about ISS International Shipping Services. We take great pride in providing quality transportation services to all of our clients and hope to work with you soon.

  • international shipping quotes from USA to overseas

    My construction company is growing by leaps and bounds which means I needed new equipment quickly. I found a wonderful deal with a company in USA, but could not find anyone to ship my new equipment here for a decent price. Then I came across I.S.S. and all my problems were solved. Not only did I get a shipping service, it was shipped in a timely manner for a very fair price. I will look to I.S.S. for all my future shipping needs.

  • Reliable and affordable international shipping to more than 180 countries

    Recreational vehicles are cumbersome at best, but when one needs to be shipped across the ocean the problems seem never ending, that is until I discovered I.S.S. After using other shipping companies and running into numerous issues, I.S.S. was a breath of fresh air. They can even handle several vehicles at once if necessary. I sometimes have to do this to replenish supplies to sister companies in other countries. I will never go anywhere else to ship my RVs.

  • Our family has been in the boat manufacturing business for many generations. Our vessels are shipped worldwide. The custom made beauties need to reach their new homes without damage and in pristine condition. We have suffered through shipping nightmares previously, but had no choice but to keep shipping our boats and yachts where needed. I.S.S. has been the one company that we have trusted over and over again.

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