Our specialty rests in moving all types of vehicles and heavy equipment.
We also handle commercial freight and oversized cargo.

  • Ship cargo overseas in containers

    The most common method to ship vehicles from USA to countries overseas is via standard ocean containers. We can pack 4 cars in 40'HC container; we can load boats sideways up to 8.5' in width; even small travel trailers. Our export packing warehouses are trained to do the proper packing.

  • Roll-on roll-off vehicle shipping

    Roll-on Roll-off (or Ro/Ro) vessels carry no containers and are designed to carry different types of wheeled or tracked cargo. Cars, trucks, buses, motorhomes, travel trailers, construction vehicles – all can be shipped via Ro-Ro method. No special packing is required, ports do loading and unloading.

  • Flat-rack container transportation

    Flat-rack is a special type of ocean container but without the side walls and the roof. Thus, over-dimensional cargo that doesn't fit in a regular ocean container can be shipped on a flat-rack. It's important to use a professional export packing warehouse to guarantee the security and safety of your cargo.

  • Open deck project cargo handling

    Extremely large and heavy cargo such as turbines, parts for cooling plants and oil refineries require to be moved via open deck cargo vessels. Such shipments may take months to prepare and carry out. Careful planning, attention to detail and experience are required to perform such a complicated task.


Take a couple of minutes to read testimonials about what our clients are saying about ISS International Shipping Services. We take great pride in providing quality transportation services to all of our clients and hope to work with you soon.

  • international transport for cars from usa export shipping services

    My company serves as a processing center for various shipments of items. Often times we have large items that cannot simply be placed in the mail. For all our larger items the company uses the professional services of ISS. BBB and FMC certifications are a plus as I know this is a trusted company. I recommend ISS for all your private and professional needs.

  • shipping service for oversize equipment from usa to europe australia middle east africa

    I just moved overseas to open up a new branch of my touring company. To get business underway immediately I needed several of the tour buses moved with me to the new location. ISS shipping handled every aspect of the transport with efficiency and professionalism. My tour buses arrived and business is great. ISS truly helped my new branch get a strong start.

  • ship a boat from usa via ocean container or roll-on roll-off

    We have a thriving business building custom hotrods. My clients expect high end, customized, perfect cars. When I need to send them to my overseas buyers - ISS always gets the job done first class. ISS Shipping has alleviated many fears and helped me reach several deadlines. This is an international shipping company I can trust. Thanks ISS.

international shipping service from usa via container and ro-ro

International Shipping Service
from USA to Countries Overseas

We specialize in ocean transportation of cars, trucks, boats, buses, recreational vehicles, construction equipment and farm machinery from USA to ports and countries in Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and Latin America.